Hacked or Not
Cleaning the web - one step at a time

By reducing the time websites stay hacked, we decrease the value to the criminal hacker and we fundamentally change the economics of hacking.

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International: +44 1524 63492
Lancaster UK: (01524) 63492
Need your site cleaning now ?

From £200

Clean and remove hacker files from your server

Whilst this product is priced to allow a certain degree of investigation of 'matters arising', it is not as flexible in this regard as the more complete, "full website de-hack" listed below:

  • Scan files for dropped hacker files.
  • Cleanse the domain.
  • Audit server's security settings and tighten.
  • Install 'Hacker Beware!' if supported by server.


Full website de-hack, rebuild and cleanse

This support product is priced to allow for investigation of tangential issues:

  • Start with new empty folders.
  • Add updated 'core' Joomla and other CMS files.
  • Copy across components (checking for vulnerabilities/updates).
  • Audit web server's security settings.
  • Install 'hacker beware!' if supported by server.

For any further information call the office from the UK on 01524 63492 outside the UK +44 1524 63492

*monthly payment structures available on request*