Hacked or Not
Cleaning the web - one step at a time

By reducing the time websites stay hacked, we decrease the value to the criminal hacker and we fundamentally change the economics of hacking.

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International: +44 1524 63492
Lancaster UK: (01524) 63492
Need your site cleaning now ?

Why register? What are the benefits / protections?

  • We restrict scans to site owners / operators. This means we need to validate a few details with you. This involves either checking an email address or giving you a piece of code to place within the website. As this is a multi-stage operation we need something to tie the stages together - namely a user-account.

  • Log back into the site to see the results of your scans. As scans are private this ensures that no-one else can the results of scans run against your site(s).

What are the details used for - will they be kept safe, will they be sold on?

Your information is used to help validate you as the owner or operator of a website - preventing people running random scans of sites they have no right to scan.

Also - we will use the email address you provide to inform you when a scheduled scan has been completed. Because we don't want to put undue load on your server(s) we spread out the scanning process over a short period of time. This means results are available immediately - but a quick email to tell you that the scan is complete lets you know when they are available.

Obviously we'd like to also use the details to keep you informed about improvements to our scanner, changes to our services and any special offers we may run from time to time.

We promise we will never abuse your details or your trust:

  • we will not spam you

  • we will NEVER sell your details

  • we won't even 'share' your details with 'partner' companies (we don't have any).